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Best Tips and Tricks to Reduce Google Ads Cost per Clicks

If you’re like most online advertisers, you probably desire high-quality lead generation and that too, with low cost-per-clicks. Leading PPC remarketing professionals to know that CPC is a vital performance metric for an Google Ads account and hence strategize for lowering CPC during ongoing campaign management. Here are some tips to reduce the cost per clicks in the short term, medium term and long term.

#1 Improve Quality Score

Quality Score

A high Quality Score will likely lead to a higher ad ranking and lower cost-per-click in the future. PPC remarketing professionals try to boost Quality Score in several ways including:

  1. By creating small, targeted ad groups
  2. Tailoring ad copy to relevant keywords
  3. Designing relevant landing pages for each ad group,
  4. And decreasing landing page load times.

All these steps help deliver a superior user experience that is vital for obtaining a high-quality Score.

#2 Improve Ad Relevance

A hack that Google Ads or remarketing services providers use to analyze ad relevance is to pull an ad performance report and compare every ad’s click-through rate to its landing page performance. If the ad has a high click-through rate but the landing page isn’t performing well, they try to find a better landing page match to generate more conversions. They also make sure that relevant keywords are in ad text as well as a landing page to increase landing page relevance and provide a seamless user experience.

Optimize Landing PagesOptimize Landing Pages


Although there’s a lot of effort involved, PPC Google Ads and remarketing services providers highly recommend creating a custom landing page for every ad group and conducting rigorous a/b testing to put out the best version.

Aim to develop an optimized landing page that provides valuable ad-related information such as the USP of the product/service.

Make sure it incorporates:

  1. Keywords used in ad copy,
  2. Includes a prominently displayed call-to-action,
  3. And has a form field with relevant queries to capture leads.

#3 Improve Keyword Relevance

Adding negative keywords helps block unqualified traffic and wasting ad spend. Google Ads remarketing professionals recommend running a Search Query Report to identify keywords that are costing but not leading to clicks. However, to make sure you’re not restricting potentially qualified traffic, it’s important to conduct an annual negative keywords audit.

#4 Lower Keyword Bids

Clever Google Ads remarketing professionals suggest lowering keyword bid when a keyword is converting with a high ad position (one to three) but at a cost-per-lead that’s twice the goal. Also, you can lower your keyword bid for terms that are generating high average positions but not conversions. Both strategies are effective when you’re trying to lower CPC. Acquiring top ad position is not always necessary to get best results.

#5 Use Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions

Implementing the right ad extensions can vastly improve your Quality Score and earn that golden reward, lower cost-per-click. Google Ads offers a wide array of ad extensions including:

  1. Call extensions
  2. Location extensions
  3. Price extensions
  4. Call-out extensions
  5. Site-link extensions
  6. Message extensions
  7. Structured snippet.
  8. Promotion extensions and lots more.

The right ad extensions help you provide additional useful information, boost ad relevance and help you occupy more real estate on Google – so make sure you’re using the ones relevant to your business.

#6 Analyze Geographic Performance

Are you implementing geo-targeting for your campaigns or splitting campaigns according to geographical relevance? In the new Google Ads UI, you’ll find a Predefined Reports tab from where you can run a report to analyze campaign performance by geographical area. Use this feature to identify and exclude geographical areas that have cost money but did not lead to conversions. You can also exclude areas that delivered conversions but at CPCs that were too high or above your goal.

#7 Consider Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing ads

The above strategies can be used for normal search campaigns as well. However, there’s a reason this blog post mentions remarketing so many time – it’s because Google remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network are a great way to get fabulous conversion rates at lower cost-per-lead. The audiences for remarketing campaigns are vetted – they have already visited your website and are familiar with your brand. All they need is an extra push to convert which can be done through a highly-targeted remarketing campaign.

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