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Google Shopping Ads Services

Google shopping ads have a unique format. We have professionals who are well-trained in optimization of Google shopping ads so that there is increased visibility and engagement with the target audience. Our Google shopping ads services have helped clients across Australia generate higher leads and income. 

As a Google certified partner, we have extensive knowledge about the Google platform and how best to run campaigns on the platform. Our experts will take over the burden of managing PPC campaigns from you so you can focus on other aspects of business development. 

Here are a few techniques we incorporate into our services to guarantee you better performing Google shopping ads.

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We Target a Focused Audience

We follow a simple motto Google shopping management services – “put the ads before the willing crowd”. It does not matter how many people view your products through Google shopping ads. What matters is how many people with an intent to buy a product such as yours see your Google shopping ads. 

In order to make this a reality, we maintain open lines of communications between our clients and experts. At every stage of our  PPC campaign management, we provide you with progress reports so you can follow what we are doing to optimize your campaign. This enables us to make rectifications on the go and allow you to steer us to the focused audience of your choice.

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Our Goal is to Increase Conversions

PPC-Outsourcing is a premier Google shopping ads agency in Australia because of its single-mindedness when it comes to Google shopping ads management. All of our efforts have one intention – increase your sales. We do not believe in numerical gimmicks that merely show increased exposure of your Google shopping ads. Google shopping ads for ecommerce can be considered successful only if they can convert a visitor to your website or landing page into a customer. 

Our Google certified experts target such a focused audience so that you can have qualified leads. The end goal of Google smart shopping campaigns is to generate increased sales. This can only be achieved when qualified leads are generated. They in turn can be generated only when your Google shopping ads are targeted specifically to people who have shown an inclination to buy your products or similar or related products.

We Provide You with Scalable Costs

Outsourcing the management of your Google shopping paid ads to us allows you to scale down on your costs. You will be availing the services of the best professionals in the industry to manage your Google shopping ads campaigns.  You can hire us as an extension of your existing PPC management team when you are faced with huge PPC campaigns, or you can completely hand over the management of your Google shopping ads campaign to us, depending on your need.

This flexibility allows you to spend as little and as much as you would like for your PPC campaign management. Such flexibility is not possible when you rely solely on an internal PPC management team. 

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Visibility Across the Google Display Network (GDN)

As mentioned earlier, PPC-Outsourcing is a certified Google partner. This gives us access to tools of marketing best suited for the Google homepage. Our experts are trained to leverage the GDN so that your Google shopping showcase ads can have unparalleled visibility across the platform. This visibility will help generate greater leads and guarantee better performance of these ads. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of these success guaranteeing techniques, contact us, our team is at your service.

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