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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Audit Services

The PPC audit services provided by PPC-Outsourcing AUS is thorough, customizable and conducted by industry experts. The audit approach taken by our experts will depend on your specific goals, needs, requirements, and areas of improvement in your campaign. This personalized approach has helped us help our clients realize their marketing goals and maintain a steady increase in sales. 

Our PPC campaign audit is followed by actionable recommendations to improve your PPC campaign performance and boost sales. 
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A Three-Step Process of Audit

PPC-Outsourcing AUS is one of the top PPC management agencies in Australia because we help our clients achieve their marketing goals and more, with reduced spend. We do this by thoroughly going over every tiny aspect of your PPC campaign and optimizing it for the best results. Our white label PPC audit is a three-step process that will help identify weak areas in the campaign and suggest ways to improve performance. The three steps are onboarding, auditing and reviewing. The first step involves getting to know you better, the second step is the inspection and the third step refers to the actionable recommendations that our experts provide in order to boost the performance of your PPC campaign. 

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Onboarding – Getting to Know You

The first step in our paid search audit is onboarding. Onboarding refers to getting to know you better. In simpler terms, this refers to our experts sitting down with you and asking you questions to better understand your marketing goals, needs, budget, target audience, market, etc. This allows us to prioritize the various aspects in a PPC campaign and identify areas that require maximum optimization. Our pay per click audit services are available for PPC campaigns across multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and numerous social media platforms.

Auditing – the Thorough Inspection

Keeping in mind the information we gathered from you during the first step, we move on to the second step in our extensive PPC account audit. A few key areas that are focussed on at this stage of the audit includes account settings, conversion tracking, audience settings, and conversion types, amongst others. Once the PPC account has been looked into, we shift focus to the PPC campaign. Here, we focus on campaign settings, type, structure, etc. Lastly, we focus on targeting. This is done by extensive keyword research, research into target audience behaviour, demographic and devices used by target audience. Whatever insights are procured in this stage of Google ads account audit is used to make actionable recommendations that will improve PPC campaign performance. In addition to the above, bid strategies, product page, ad formats, content of ad copies, etc. are also scrutinized by our experts during the audit.

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Review - How to Improve Performance?

The last step of our thorough Google ads audit is reviewing. In this leg of the audit, our experts provide you with actionable recommendations that can help improve your campaign performance immensely. The reports we submit contain these recommendations along with valuable insights into the current state of your campaign, and its potential. 

If you wish to audit Google ads, and improve the performance of your PPC campaign, contact us – our customer support team is at your disposal. 
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