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Increase Mobile Sales with Google Shopping Ads

Any business in order to get to the forefront of competition and realize its target needs to be updated and adapt to the latest trends and technology. The growing use of smart phones and tablets and increasing cases of online shopping using these devices exhort companies to make their sites as well as products and services easily available to their target customers through the devices.

Google being the most popular search engines provides a robust platform for merchants to promote and sell their products and boost sales and productivity. If you are the manager of an e-commerce store and have a large inventory of products then it is best to list your products on Google Shopping. You can use product-listing ads and Google will rank your site and shopping channel based on some important metrics like traffic, revenue, conversion rate and similar variables. Online sellers are likely to get the maximum traffic and profit from Google Shopping Ads services.

E-commerce retailers have found out that although mobiles bring the maximum traffic to the site but the actual conversion of the traffic is half the rate of desktop. Google shopping product listing ads can be the key to resolving the problem that can lead to maximum conversions from the traffic.

Mobile Shopping Ads

When it comes to increasing sales of products through Google shopping paid listing ads then here are some important ways to do this:-

1. Provide a flawless user experience across all devices
Design your site and products pages in such a way as to make them mobile-friendly and provide the best user experience. Before you optimize your Google shopping ads for smart phones ensure that your customers can easily access the products, get the desired information and that makes it easy for them to clear all their doubts related to products.

2. Know how to use and adjust mobile bidding
Whether you go for automatic bidding or manual bidding, setting up the right amount of bidding according to your campaign performance goals and the results of analyzing the current trends is essential to monitor your budget on paid search campaign.

It is commonly suggested to find out the mobile conversion rate and desktop conversion rate and divide mobile conversion rate by computer conversion rate. One should be subtracted from the quotient and 100 should be multiplied to get the value of optimal mobile bid adjustment.

Google Ads campaigns

3. Group products based on performance
Not all the products would attract equal traffic from your mobile. You should create a group of products that perform well on mobile and then increase the bidding on the ad group and enhance sales.

4. Set up a separate Google Ads campaign for mobile traffic
You can easily create a new campaign for mobile traffic that would be different from the desktop. This will break the traffic into different campaign and Google will send all smart phone traffic to your mobile campaign.

When you create a different Google Ads campaign then it will facilitate you to give every item a mobile bid that perfectly matches its performance on smart phones.

5. Audit your paid search campaign and make adjustments accordingly
If you want to make the most of your paid search campaign and enhance sales on mobiles then you should audit the campaign periodically, adjust your bids according to the performance and keep yourself updated with the new features and changes as announced by Google from time to time.

This will enable you to avoid costly mistakes and let you stand out from your competitors. Availing services of certified and experienced Google Ads experts will work wonders and will help you realize your business goals.

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