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Choose a PPC Management Service That Works with You

Choose a PPC Management Service That Works with You

Digital marketing may start off as bagging a client initially, finding out about their portfolio of products, organising meetings to understand their requirements and then coming up with a marketing campaign that would work for them. The content you decide to share with potential customers can include articles, social media posts, podcasts, videos, reels or other forms that ensure there is brand awareness. Doing all this and more is what is expected of a content creator. But what if there is an easier way out for you? There is, if you consider outsourcing the branding and marketing part to an external PPC management agency.  This way clients stay yours, while the agency provides necessary expertise to ensure the campaign runs without interruptions or delay. 

A pay-per-click (PPC) approach is one of the sharpest tools in the digital marketing shed available these days. You pay every time your advert is clicked on by a potential customer, and if you manage to price it just right- you can walk away a winner with great margins. If done well, clients have greater brand recognition, a credible increase in leads and driving sales, and increasing site traffic by many times. One of the primary requirements of PPC management services is to ensure that your return on investment (ROI) is high, while a campaign is being run. 

We content creators have always been pretty conventional about how we go about our day typically- we want to bag more clients; we want to churn out meaningful content and we want to drive sales. However, client management in itself eats a large part of our day. With meetings and calls to ensure they stay updated always; we lose out on precious time. Further, what happens if we get a client who is willing to give us a lot of work, but we don’t really have any specialised knowledge in that domain? This is when the self-doubt begins to hit, and it does us no good at all. 

Let us look at how helpful outsourcing your workload to a PPC management agency is going to be, in the long run-

  1. PPC ad campaigns involve a lot of intricate work and in-depth understanding of how the whole Google AdWords ecosystem works. They will take care of bidding for keywords, the forever-changing keyword binds, the unique properties each keyword is associated with, and other such gory details. 
  2. These specialists ensure that a campaign is run effectively and updated as and when necessary, because customers are generally known for their short attention spans. They always keep a sharp lookout for any changes in market trends and work accordingly. 

With these important points explained, the next logical step would be to see how you can hire the right PPC management company

  1. Setting a realistic goal– If you know what your client requires, it is easier for the agency you partner with to work on those objectives. This is because you have a clear roadmap laid out for them. Also, having very specific goals is good- like wanting to make more sales by a particular percentage, or increasing site traffic by at least 20% in a month.
  2. Relevant experience in a particular domain– If it is an area that you’re new to, this aspect becomes all the more important. Checking their track record and how previous clients and ad campaigns have fared are important parameters to keep an eye on. This way they know what actually works, and what does not, and they will not waste time with amateurish attempts initially. Also, it makes sense to see if you can work with them for a short duration- to see if they are suitable for you, without bothersome lock-in periods. 
  3. Reputation of the agency– Check for reviews and keep an eye out for potential red flags or negative reviews. Though it is unrealistic to expect a positive review every single time, the majority rule still works here. 
  4. Certifications– A good white label PPC management agency will have Google AdWords certified personnel. Certification means commitment and in-depth understanding most of the time, because of the need to go through pre-defined coursework and understand it well. The whole process is also resource intensive. 
  5. Aim for complete transparency– a competent pay per click management services agency never guarantees great results from the get-go. If they share negative aspects of the campaign, it just means they have taken the ethical route. Not everything that shines is gold- that is the best way to put it here. Further, you need to be very sure about their non-poaching policy, as they are still your clients at the end of the day. You own the Google AdWords account they will work with. 
  6. Look for an agency that constantly stays on its toes– Google never sleeps, and there are multiple updates to their algorithms- some seemingly innocuous or others more important. Therefore, an effective PPC management company needs to ensure that project handlers stay up to date with all relevant information, because an update means what worked last week may not, this week. This would render the whole campaign ineffective in a few hours, which could be disastrous. New features should also be closely monitored, so that your ad can be managed accordingly. 
  7. Effective follow-up plan– The agency is not just responsible for making an ad campaign and then letting it be. They also need to effectively track them. This ensures that the campaign is running as expected, without any major issues. If issues are found, ways to work around them need to be brought to your notice. They should always be forthcoming about costs, time involved, performance, number of clicks, how many of those clicks converted to effective sales and other details. 

Do remember that you are still needed to take care of every other aspect pertaining to your client’s requirements, apart from handling the campaign itself. Further, when you have complete ownership, you don’t need to start over when you decide to leave.  

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