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retargeting vs remarketing

Comparison of Re-Marketing and Re-Targeting Services

Everyone, who is in the pay-per-click industry, knows setting up an account is the easiest thing, which involves setting goals, keyword research, turning the tracking on based on the conversion objectives, and launching the campaign. What, however, is difficult in the paid-search landscape is optimizing the growth cycle. The longer a PPC campaign runs, the more avenues and strategies the campaign managers have to come up with to keep the growth positive in terms of revenues and sales when conventional means exhaust. Two avenues, which paid-search professionals employ aggressively to maintain the growth, are re-marketing and re-targeting.

Many people use remarketing and retargeting services interchangeably, however, there is a difference between both of these revenue-generating strategies. However, what confuses people about one another, the answer is: both internet-marketing avenues take advantage of the same sales principle, and that is following consumers or clients who had shown interest in the products or services on offers. Retargeting and remarketing services have made possible what remained impossible in the real world.

No shop or service provider can trace and follow every enquirer everywhere, practically, it is impossible; no one has such resources at disposal to follow up a potent client. However, with these two services, which capitalize on the advent of the Internet and rise of e-commerce, to virtually retarget those potential customers who have visited a site to check some specific product or service but did not convert.

How Potential Clients Are Targeted On The Internet?

Google has an association with almost all live websites on the Internet; it, under its display network, allows advertisers to access the websites that user visits. When a user visits a website that employs retargeting or remarketing, a cookie is dropped in the browser of the user, which allows advertisers display ads with the help of banner ads when the user is browsing on other websites. The objective is to bring the user back to site and make a purchase. The strategy distills the irrelevant traffic from the high potential buyers.

The Advantages Offered

  • The cost per acquisition goes down since only high potential clients are targeted
  • Conversion rates go up with better targeting
  • Returns on investment, as sales escalate, matches the business goal and expectation
  • Relevant and relevant traffic to the website
  • Cost-effective branding means without incurring extra cost

What Is The Difference Between Re-Marketing and Re-Targeting Services?

As mentioned, both services share the same objective, and that is reaching to visitors of the website who had some meaningful interaction, like adding products on the kart and browsing some specific category. The difference is in the approach employed to reach them. Remarketing services in the classical sense means using direct email to the user based on the information collected over time, where retargeting services make use of contemporary Google’s display network to influence buyers with the use of banner ads on a number of sites. There are two segments of the service: offsite and onsite.

Offsite, as the name implies, involves targeting consumers who match your ideal buyer, and for that, you focus on search pattern of a user, whereas onsite includes focusing on visitors who have already visited your site and interacted. There is one small difference as well, remarketing involves paid search model; on the contrary, remarketing involves conventional means, which does not include bidding against competitors to find a channel to visitors.

In other words, for retargeting services hiring a consultant or white label remarketing agency may become necessary, as it requires a set of skills that are hard to come by and requires time to master.

Both types of services show great results for advertisers and are worthy to be a part of internet marketing tactic. Master them to open new avenues for catapulting the growth.

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