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Drive Sales with Effective Google Shopping Ads Management: Know How!

We all are well aware that Google is the biggest and the largest search engine for online shoppers, but it might come to you as a surprise that Google is actually a shopping platform in itself.

Google shopping is an extremely powerful way for sellers to reach new customers and increase sales, owing to the wide reachability of Google shopping Ad services. In this post, we will be disseminating some useful knowledge for those, who are looking to get started with Google shopping.

How does Google shopping work?

Google shopping is an online platform that allows users to browse and compare prices of various products that retailers have paid to advertise. A user can directly look for products in the shopping section of Google; in addition, these product-listing ads can also appear at the top of the Google search engine results page.

The most interesting thing about product listing ads is that they are extremely useful in capturing the attention of shoppers who have searched for a specific product. Product listing ads are associated with keywords; this helps them to pop-up only when a user performs a search using those particular keywords. This increases relevancy and improves the quality of the leads clicking on the ads. This is because they are already aware of the superficial things, such as the product image, price, and brand.

Product listing ads now show in image search

Google recently provided another boost to PLAs by enabling them to show up even on the image search tab. These ads, with the usual search listings, will appear in a carousel format on mobile devices.

An image search is actually a part of the Google search network. You will need to make sure that your ad is opted in to search partners so that it could be eligible to appear in image results.

Thanks to the increasing prominence of visual imagery in the eCommerce industry, this latest update in the Google shopping Ad services is more likely to turn out as a popular tool amongst online retailers.

If we look at some popular media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, many merchants are increasingly leveraging these channels to drive additional traffic to their website and generate sales.

Find out if you are eligible for Google PLA

Although Google shopping ads provide great benefits, however, before you could actually start with the process, you have to make sure that your business is actually eligible to enjoy the benefits of Google shopping ads services.

For this, your business needs to meet the following requirements –

  • You must sell and have more than 500 stock keeping units.
  • You should have a PLA campaign, whose budget should be more than $1000
  • Your website should be user-friendly, and should load quickly.

How to get started with Google shopping ads Management

Setting up a Google shopping ad campaign is not that difficult, you just need to have an AdWords account along with a merchant center account. Once you successfully add your product inventory to the Google merchant center, you will be able to set-up a campaign by completing the following steps

  1. Segment your campaign within your AdWords account. Select the campaigns tab – click on campaign – select shopping
  2. Select a search network only
  3. Set bidding budget
  4. Carefully choose ad extensions

Google shopping functionality

Although, set up of a Shopping ads account is quite simple and not so complicated, but maintaining quality throughout will surely present some problems before you. With so many new features being added by Google, and with such immense competition, developing your ads with necessary knowledge and expertise has been made a pre-requisite, in order to make your way up the forefront.

Therefore, we would recommend that instead of keeping shopping ads management in-house, it is better to outsource it to a specialist shopping ad agency as such agencies have a panel of experienced professionals, who are adept in developing innovative and unique strategies to help your business gain quantifiable profit.

Moreover, shopping Ad management consumes a lot of time and, it is next to impossible for a business owner to devote a substantial amount of time to digital marketing, when pre-occupied with other equally important core business chores. This is when investing in shopping ads agency will help increase your ROI.

If you are apprehensive of exposing your account to a shopping ads agency, here are some quick tips for getting more from your online advertising campaigns –

  • Maintain healthy product feed
  • Monitor and track product performance
  • Tailor your return on ad spend with product groups

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