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How to drive sales with white label PPC Management Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a favourite option for digital marketers and for good reason. PPC has the potential to boost a business’s marketing return on investment (ROI) by as much as 50%! It can help boost brand awareness among customers by 80%. Running effective PPC campaigns requires up-to-date knowledge, focus, time, expertise, as well as the latest software and tools. This is where white label PPC management comes in.

  • What is white label Pay-Per-Click?

When a business or marketing agency outsources the management of its PPC campaigns, it is known as white label Pay-Per-Click.  So the PPC management company sets up and manages the PPC campaigns on behalf of the digital marketing agency or other business. White label PPC management companies use their own software and tools to manage the PPC campaigns and provide custom reports that are branded with the business or marketing agency’s logo. The advantage of white label PPC services is that it allows businesses to expand their services without undergoing a high-cost human resource investment. 

  • What can a white label PPC company offer you?

A white label PPC company can offer your business the following services:

  • A dedicated account manager to liaise making it easier for back-and-forth communication
  • A dedicated team or teams of PPC experts overseeing every aspect of your PPC campaigns
  • A custom PPC strategy that fits the requirements of the goals and industry of the business in question
  • Extensive keyword research that includes keyword counts that go into the thousands
  • Targeted PPC campaigns that are well-suited for top performance on Google, Gmail, and other platforms
  • The use of artificial intelligence to refine and optimize all aspects of PPC campaigns including competitor research
  • Strategic bid management to ensure that the business’s ROI is maximized
  • Regular monitoring and updating of PPC account settings for optimal PPC performance
  • Regular detailed custom reports and dashboards that keep clients updated on the execution and performance of their PPC campaigns
  • What is a PPC reseller program?

A PPC reseller program is a service offered by white label PPC companies to marketing agencies. Marketing agencies offer wide-ranging services to their clients. However, PPC may not be one of the core services for agencies. In this case, with a PPC reseller program, they can expand their existing services to include PPC services for their clients. So, they can add it to their current packages for clients or offer PPC services as an a la carte solution.

  • Why is white label PPC for agencies so beneficial?

Here is a detailed insight into why white label PPC for agencies can be incredibly beneficial:

  • Save your business time and money

Running efficient and successful PPC campaigns requires a lot of focus and time dedicated to them. You can’t just set up a campaign and leave it at that. Regular tweaking, testing, refining, and monitoring have to be done. Your agency may not have the time to dedicate to PPC campaigns, which could end up being a loss when you are not able to deliver the results expected by your clients. You could hire a PPC team, but that would entail investing in the hiring process plus paying them a regular salary and incentives. Outsourcing to a white label PPC management company will save both time and resources here. You will get a team dedicated to setting up and managing your client’s campaigns from start to finish at a nominal cost.

  • Get expert insight and guidance

The IT world is constantly evolving and PPC is no different. Keeping up with the latest software, tools, and trends is a full-time job. While you may have a dedicated PPC team, are they keeping up with industry trends, certifications, and training? Are they experts in the field of PPC? Since PPC is the bread and butter of white label PPC companies, they have to ensure that they are experts in their field and are using the most up-to-date tools and software. So when using white label PPC services, you can rest assured that your clients receive the best expert insight and guidance for their PPC campaigns. Not only will your clients get the most bang for their buck, but you will, as well.

  • Tailor-made campaigns and strategies

There is a vast variety of businesses and industries in existence today. With PPC, your campaigns and campaign strategies must align with your client’s industry, business, and goals. You can’t just slap on a basic, cookie-cutter campaign strategy and call it a day. A white label PPC management company will offer customized and tailor-made PPC campaigns and campaign strategies that can elicit the best response for your clients. Moreover, since they will be exposed to a wide range of businesses and industries through dedicated PPC work, they will also likely have knowledge of your client’s industry or business, even if your agency is not familiar with it.

  • Transparency is key

PPC campaigns require regular monitoring of data and reporting of the same to businesses and agencies. Such close monitoring is needed to ensure that the campaigns are driving as much traffic and conversions as possible. A white label PPC company will offer detailed analytics for every campaign, they will ensure that the keywords used are the most effective, and the landing pages the most optimal. As an agency, you can expect to receive full transparency in how your client’s campaigns are faring on every parameter. 

Transparency also comes in when it comes to pricing. A good white label management company will be completely transparent about the services they offer, the certifications it may have or not have, the tools and software used, and so on. As an agency, you can choose which services you want to take up for your clients and business. You pay only for those services and nothing more. 

The bottom line

PPC advertising has the capacity to drive sales for an agency or business. However, it must be managed by experts to ensure top-of-the-line performance. Choose a white label PPC management company like PPC Outsourcing for expert PPC management.

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