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Pro’s of Considering White Label PPC Agency

The world today is becoming increasingly competitive as each year goes by. Every sector of industry wishes to hire only the best. When it comes to PPC management, businesses may sometimes prefer in-house teams, at least, at first. Over time, the need to hire a white label PPC agency may become apparent. If you have been unsure about white label PPC management agencies, here are the pros of hiring them.

First, what is white label PPC?

White label PPC is a term used for when PPC services are provided by one organisation or agency but are rebranded by another organisation or agency. So, an agency will outsource their client’s PPC campaign management to a white label PPC agency. Some of the companies that use white label PPC services are advertising agencies, digital marketing agencies, consultation companies, start-up companies, web designing companies, and social media marketing companies.

What are the pros of hiring a white label PPC agency?

  • Skilled and experienced experts 

White label PPC management is best handled by skilled and experienced experts and that is what you get when you hire a white label PPC agency. They provide top-quality services that leave no room for doubt or insecurity about shoddy work. While your employees may know about PPC, their expertise may not be as up-to-date. These experts have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of PPC management and trends. They would have dealt with various aspects of PPC campaigns and have a thorough understanding of the business requirements, including how to attract high-quality traffic, leads, and sales to the client. 

  • Improve revenue and growth

When you hire white label PPC services, you allow your business to grow and improve its revenue without overworking and over-exerting your employees. PPC campaigns require close and constant follow-up and follow-through; half-hearted attention will lead to poor results. This could strain employees who already have to deliver on other aspects of your business. A white label PPC agency can help you take on more clients at the same time, without you needing to compromise other aspects of your business. This creates a beneficial and win-win situation for everyone involved.

  • Increase your business offerings

Competition is fierce today; businesses have to fight tooth and nail for recognition and support. So, digital marketing agencies, ad agencies, or web designing companies can increase their business offerings by hiring a white label PPC agency. For example, if a digital marketing agency is renowned for its SEO marketing, it can offer more to its clients by also offering PPC campaign management. In this way, they can provide more comprehensive services to their clients and stand out from the competition. 

  • Avoid spending unnecessarily on resources

PPC management requires a full-time dedicated PPC team to run campaigns efficiently and successfully. This entails hiring in-house PPC experts and spending money keeping up with training and tools. These costs add up in the long term. Moreover, it can be a loss-making decision to have an in-house PPC team if their services will be required only for a limited set of projects. You also don’t need to spend money on the hiring process when you outsource these services. In this case, it makes good financial sense to avoid spending on these resources and instead, hire a white label PPC management company. 

  • Flexibility is an option

When you hire a white label PPC agency, you have great flexibility in increasing or reducing the number of team members dealing with your client’s PPC campaigns. The team numbers can change in a matter of hours without costing you money or inconvenience. The agency will provide the number of professionals required to effectively work on your client projects. So, if there is a sudden need for more experts, you will be able to acquire them through the agency, allowing you to provide uncompromised services to your clients.

  • Shorter launch times and client retention

Hiring agencies that offer white label PPC services allows you to launch large-scale PPC campaigns in a short time span. Often big brand names come to agencies demanding services within a curtailed time span; it can be difficult for non-PPC agencies to handle such a workload. However, white label PPC agencies give you the resources and support to launch PPC campaigns even within a shorter timeframe. Thus, you never have to risk losing out on clients.

  • Greater success rates

Perhaps the most important ‘pro’ of hiring a white label PPC company is that the success rate increases by leaps and bounds. The PPC agency’s bread and butter is PPC management and when you outsource to them, they take care to ensure that they offer their best services, talent, and experience. They know the ins and outs of making PPC campaigns a success, from creating a campaign to running, monitoring, and fine-tuning it. They can even take existing PPC campaigns and breathe new life and success into them. Thus, your client’s PPC campaigns are successful, making your business a success as well. 

How to choose a white label PPC agency

Here are a few things to look out for when hiring a white label PPC agency:

  • They should be a Google partner.
  • It is a bonus if they are a partner with Facebook and Amazon.
  • Their pricing model should be transparent.
  • They should be transparent about what exact services they offer.
  • They should tell you what tools they use.
  • They should tell you about their tracking and reporting methodologies. Be wary of PPC agencies that do the bare minimum of tracking and reporting.
  • They should tell you how they communicate with their clients—how it takes place and how regularly it occurs.

The bottom line

Outsourcing your client’s PPC needs to a white label PPC management company is a cost-effective, win-win decision for you, your client, and the PPC agency. It makes good business and financial sense as you get to offer the best PPC services to your clients without risking your finances, time, and energy. 

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