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Take Advantage of Google Ads Management Agency with these 7 Tips

You don’t need the services of a professional Google Ads management company to get decent results from your PPC ad campaigns. However, there are so many advanced tactics for incredible results that only experts know how to use.

Here’s a sneak peek into what a professional agency does to get amazing ROI.

#1 Weeding Out Leads

If you apply the Pareto Principle in PPC management, you can say that a mere 20% leads result in 80% business. By using various tactics such as selecting the right keywords after rigorous testing and building negative keywords lists, good Google Ads management professionals try to find the most valuable leads.

Remember, you have to pay for every ad click and by disqualifying low quality leads, you are on your way to maximizing ROI.

#2 Advertising on LinkedIn

If you are operating a B2B service, LinkedIn can be a profitable advertising platform for your business – after all, it is the largest professional networking site in the world. Did you know that you can run Google Display Networks ads on LinkedIn? Not many people know that including amateur digital marketers.

Creating ads for LinkedIn through Google Ads is easy and cost-effective. All you have to do is create a Placement Targeted Ad Group and include LinkedIn as the group.

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#3 Creating Separate Landing Pages

A common mistake that Google Ads amateurs in Australia make is using a website’s home page as the landing page for ads. A home page usually has generic content and aims to engage a wider audience whereas a PPC ad typically targets specific audience with relevant ad copy.

The landing page should mirror the content of the ad it is linked to and take prospects further along the sales funnel. Without specific landing pages, audience will bounce and this will have an adverse impact on your quality score as well as ad rank.

#4 Creating Relevant URLs

Staying with landing pages, one way to increase relevance of landing pages and the overall effectiveness of PPC ad campaigns and is by using keywords in the URLs that lead to landing pages. This will help with easy identification and increase familiarity. A competent Google Ads management agency can help create relevant URLs for landing pages.

#5 Geo Targeting Tools

Suppose you are a local business having little relevance on a regional, national or international level. You need to be specific with your PPC campaigns to avoid wastage of ad spend when audiences from other regions click on your ads.

To counter this and to refine PPC campaigns, white label PPC experts use geo-targeting tools and smart hacks such as bidding negative amounts for specific regions so that ads don’t appear in front of an irrelevant audience.

#6 Device Optimized Campaigns

If you have a significant number of prospects using smartphones to search for business information, you need to make your PPC campaign mobile optimized by including mobile ads, mobile optimized landing pages and if applicable, a mobile optimized purchase process.

A Google Ads management professional uses various tactics such as analyzing various device performance reports to adjust bids according to best performing devices and developing separate campaigns for tablet and smartphone users.

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#7 Improving Ad Rank

A higher ad rank means better ad visibility and possibly more number of clicks. It’s derived from a number of factors including bid, ad quality and landing page relevance. Competent Google Ads professionals adopt a number of strategies such as bidding high initially and conducting rigorous A/B testing to select best performing keywords and landing pages to get a higher ad rank. With continuous ongoing optimization, they lower bids gradually in order to save money.

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