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Fascinating White Label PPC Tactics To Help Your Business Grow

PPC marketing is a great way to increase service offerings, create a recurrent revenue stream and keep clients happy. If you don’t want have the time, money or inclination to build an in-house PPC team providing comprehensive services, outsourcing to a white label PPC agency is a great option.

Here are some ways you can use white label services to grow your business:

#1 Offer Comprehensive Managed Solutions

Setting up and managing optimized campaigns requires time, expertise and effort. Most businesses look for a marketing agency that’s willing to take full responsibility for ongoing management of PPC campaigns. By partnering a white label PPC agency providing end-to-end solutions for strategic campaigns that drive high ROI, you’ll be able to address your clients’ complete needs.

#2 Target Clients with Existing Accounts

Use white label services to provide add-on services such as PPC auditing and account restructuring to clients with existing accounts. A comprehensive PPC audit is a great way to identify wrong practices and discover hidden opportunities for optimization. Restructuring is a valuable service for clients whose PPC accounts are in a disarray. By having accounts audited or restructured by PPC experts, you can impress clients and instill confidence in them so that they engage you for long-term or larger scale projects.

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#3 Create Strategic Campaigns

White label PPC service providers are the best people to create strategic campaigns that deliver qualified website traffic and fantastic conversions. A team of certified PPC experts will have knowledge, skills and experience to deliver strategic campaigns that maximize results with given ad budget. Whether it is bidding on the right keywords, choosing the right campaign settings, creating tightly themed ad groups, developing compelling ad copy or optimizing landing pages, a white label PPC services provider will take care of every aspect to ensure campaign success.

#4 Use Cutting Edge Targeting Tools

There are many little-known tactics that can improve PPC campaign performance. Take, for example, using appropriate ad extensions to provide more relevant information and occupy more real estate on search pages. Not many marketing agencies know how to implement the right ad extensions for campaigns but a white label agency with certified Google Ads experts will definitely know and use them to set up campaigns that stand out from the competition.

#5 Optimize for Mobile Users

An increasing number of internet searches are being conducted on smartphones. Optimizing PPC campaigns for the mobile audience is key to improving user experience and increasing ROI. Whether it is creating ads that display well on smaller screens and lead to mobile-optimized landing pages or optimizing bids for mobile devices, a white label PPC firm can help you implement the right practices to target mobile audience.

#6 Offer Services for All Platforms

There are so many networks including Yahoo, Bing Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from which to launch PPC campaigns. Depending on your client’s requirements, a white label pay-per-click agency can target the right network and also implement different types of campaigns such as standard search campaigns, remarketing campaigns and cutting-edge remarketing campaigns. The immense flexibility and ability to scale in a cost-effective manner are exactly what you need to take on marketing behemoths.

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#7 Measure Results and Provide Insightful Reports

Setting up conversion tracking and analyzing performances of KPIs is an intrinsic part of PPC management. PPC results are measurable and your clients are likely to ask for proof of campaign success. A white label PPC services provider will diligently track valuable KPIs for campaign performance and compile reports in an easy-to-read format. By providing timely reports with detailed information on campaign progress and other insights, you can establish your credibility and win your clients’ trust.

Make PPC the most lucrative service offering of your marketing agency – partner with us for PPC management and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds!

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