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Quick Fixes to Improve Keyword Quality Score in Google Ads

Want to get better ad positioning on Google with lower cost? Improve Keyword Quality Score! In ongoing PPC management, this dynamic metric has a major impact on campaign success and cost – it can help you pay less for better ad exposure and lead to higher conversion rates.

Here’s what Google Ads services providers recommend to improve Keyword Quality Score in an existing Google Ads campaign.

Importance of Keyword Quality Score

Why does a PPC agency place so much importance on improving Keyword Quality Score? Google Ads calculates the Quality Score for each of your keywords whenever they match a search query. Google assigns Keyword Quality Score to ensure users only see ads that are relevant to their queries.

Quality Score is Google’s way of rewarding marketers who use appropriate keywords to match a user’s search intent. With higher Keyword Quality Score, you qualify for higher ad positioning and lower keyword cost.

Factors Affecting Keyword QS

Besides, developing good quality ads with relevant keywords is also beneficial in improving click-through rates. A good Google Ads services provider knows that Keyword Quality Score depends on several factors such as location, search query match, CTR (click through rate) of keyword and related ad, the significance of keyword to an ad group, landing page quality and relevance to ad text. These factors do not work in isolation, rather they are all interlinked and work together to provide a good user experience.

Start with an Audit

One of the easiest ways to improve Keyword Quality Score is to conduct a quick PPC audit. During an audit, PPC marketers check to see whether ad groups are tightly knit and focused on a small number of related keywords. Having small, focused ad groups is key to ensuring keywords and ads are a good match to a user’s search query.

Create Tightly-Knit Ad Groups

The next step is to optimize ad groups which can be done by either removing or pausing certain existing keywords or adding new, relevant ones. Ideally, there should be no more than one to three keywords in an ad group. Knowledgeable PPC management professionals recommend reviewing search query reports to identify well-performing keywords and creating separate ad groups for them with higher budget allocation.

Add Negative Keywords

Poor performing keywords, such as ones that are being clicked (and hence costing you) but are not relevant to your audience, can be paused or added to the negative keyword list to prevent budget wastage. You can add negative keywords at the campaign level or ad group level to eliminate irrelevant search traffic.

At the campaign level, adding negative keywords is a sure fire way to block out unwanted traffic and at the ad group level, negative keywords are a good way to prevent overlap.

Develop Keyword-Rich, Compelling Ads

Writing compelling, relevant ads also helps raise Quality Score because better quality ads lead to higher click-through rates – click-throughs are an indication that your ads have helped users find what they are looking for.

To ensure ad quality, a PPC agency strongly recommends using ad copy that is relevant to the keyword (search intent), your product and also landing page. Keyword variations should be used across the ad – in headlines, description lines and if possible, display URLs.

Tweak Keyword Strategies

Among low quality score keywords, there will be some that have the potential to succeed. For such keywords, simple tweaks such as changing the match type, say from broad match to exact match, can prove to be beneficial. Based on collected data, a PPC management agency may recommend creating a completely new campaign for low-Quality Score keywords and setting aside an appropriate budget in order to gain maximum mileage from them.

You don’t always have to pay more for higher ad positioning – you can save money and increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns by focusing on improving Keyword Quality Score. For assistance in conducting a PPC audit or implementing any of the above tips, get in touch with your favorite PPC services agency in Australia!

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