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PPC Management 2019

PPC Management Trends You Should Follow in 2019

Are you looking for PPC tips to implement in 2019? From automation and audience targeting to cross-channel marketing and the diversified role of PPC marketers, here’s a round-up of PPC management trends you should stay on top of to blow the competition away. Audience Targeting Strategies PPC management experts believe 2019 will witness the fading […]

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Google Ads Conversion

Pay Only for PPC Google Ads Conversion: Know How

Have you ever thought it would be great if you could just pay for conversions rather than for PPC ad clicks? Well, Google has heard your prayers. Google recently announced conversion-based bidding for standard display campaigns and Smart Display campaigns.  Read on to learn what this means and how you can implement it. How Does […]

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New Year Sales with AdWords

Boost Your New Year Sales with PPC AdWords Campaigns

New Year is right around the corner and consumers to have already started visiting offline and online retail stores to purchase the perfect gifts for their loved ones. As an online retailer, are you prepared to meet demand and attract customers to your website? If not, here are some Google AdWords management tips to get you going? Take […]

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Quick Fixes to Improve Keyword Quality Score in AdWords

Want to get better ad positioning on Google with lower cost? Improve Keyword Quality Score! In ongoing PPC management, this dynamic metric has a major impact on campaign success and cost – it can help you pay less for better ad exposure and lead to higher conversion rates. Here’s what AdWords services providers recommend to […]

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White Label PPC Agency

Advantages of White Label PPC and How You Can Make Full Use of It

Business owners are increasingly outsourcing PPC marketing to external agencies. This is a golden opportunity for digital marketing agencies to increase revenues and profits. But what if the digital marketing agency does not have the necessary expertise to offer comprehensive PPC management services? That’s when the services of a white label PPC agency prove most […]

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types of remarketing in adwords

Re-Target Visitors with Different Types of AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

AdWords Remarketing is a very effective way to engage audiences who visited your website but left without purchasing. Remarketing audiences are already familiar with your brand and have shown an interest in your products/services. With a tailored and highly targeting remarketing campaign, advertisers can entice them to return to the website and perform a transaction. […]

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